Anytime a Client contacts me to book a session, one of the first questions I get is, "What is your best location for our session?" I also get, "Where did this session take place? I want my session there" and they send me a photo of a session I did. 

I decided to write a blog on my top 5 favorite and most popular locations! I have so much more new locations to scout and photograph at, but I do have a top 5 that are my favorite right now! Maybe this year, I will have a new top 5 :) 

1. My top favorite of the 5 has to be an open field in Oviedo, FL. I found out about this location because my very own family photographer took our family photos there last year. I fell in love with the sunset there. it is also very quiet, I hardly see anyone else there most of the time. So I asked my family photographer for her permission to steal her location and she said yes! I have done about 4 sessions there so far and I always recommend this specific field if a client loves sunset sessions. This location is best for booking sessions during the "golden hour" so the sun is setting behind the trees you see in the photo below. 


2. My next favorite location for sessions is Rollins College! This place is AMAZING. All of the different building walls, architecture, etc is just out of this world. You get also get a flowery scenery from this location as well. This location is also best during "golden hour" since there is not too much shade in some areas. Also, the best times to go is when there is no class, such as winter break, spring break and summer may be a bit slow as well. If not, Saturdays and Sundays may work well too. It is a very popular location so it could be a little crowded at times but it is so worth it, in my opinion. Love it here! 


3. My next favorite location would have to be the Tree Farm in Eustis, FL. These sessions only take place once a year in the month of November and I am always anxious for the time to come. These are one of my most booked sessions of the year. Some sessions have to take place in direct sun due to the timing of the farm allowing photographers in, but it's doable! The whole farm is FILLED with real Christmas Trees. I mean it's a HUGE place. It's so beautiful there and very peaceful. I love going there every single year. These have to be one of my favorite sessions. I usually start booking these around August-September. 


4. Another favorite location I love for sessions is at Harry P. Leu Gardens! This place is BEAUTIFUL, especially during spring and summer when the flowers are blooming! Engagement or Couples Sessions I try to recommend this location because I feel it to be very romantic and intimate. It also could be very crowded depending on the day of the week, but it's also so worth it. 


5. Last but not least, another favorite location of mine is the beach! But not just any beach, this beach with ROCKS! If you live in Orlando, this location is about a 1.5 hour drive but when I say it is worth it, it is SO worth it. It's great for Engagement, Maternity or Couples Sessions because of the beautiful rocks you can get on, but you can also have your family session here. I just normally wouldn't let kids get on the rocks due to risking getting hurt. I have only been there once but will be going back in late March for a Family Session and I am so excited!  




Janira Aybar