Being a Wedding Photographer is VERY hard, and this Wedding challenged me (in a GOOD way). Photographer’s usually have “Wedding Hangovers” the day after photographing a Wedding (no drinking involved). Basically, it means we feel like our bodies got hit by a bus or something and we even feel like we got a bad cold. It’s weird but the day after this Wedding, I was literally SICK in my bed. It makes me laugh because I wasn’t really sick and I finally knew what these Photographers always meant.

Ilka and Abraham’s Wedding at the Tavares Pavilion on the Lake was perfect. The venue SITS on water! It was so awesome. It’s so amazing to be able to visit all of these beautiful venues and meet new vendors at every wedding. Ilka planned her WHOLE Wedding from every single detail of EVERYTHING. I can’t believe she pulled that off. She was her own coordinator ;) They were so nervous to walk down the isle but once it was all over and done, they were having SO MUCH FUN. It’s so special to have a job like the one, it’s special to see a bride and grooms day unfold through my camera, to be THERE with them, and for them to be able to relive their day all over again. Happy tears!!